The BENEFITS of CBD Oil For Anxiety!

In this video, author and mental health educator Douglas Bloch shares his experience and research about how CBD is being used to treat anxiety, pain and other conditions. CBD has gained popularity as ...

Joe Rogan & Joseph Valtellini Discuss the benefits of CBD

Cannabis enthusiast, podcast host and former actor and television host Joe Rogan speaks with retired Muay Thai kickboxer Joseph Valtellini about the benefits of CBD in this Youtube video. The conversa...

How CBD Oil Impacts the Body

In this YouTube video, Amazon John Easterling discusses his near-death experience in the South American jungle and how he discovered the natural remedies that were used to help lower his fever. With o...

CBD Oil Side Effects

CBD Oil Side Effects are many new users main concern. Especially because of the wide variety of conditions CBD is being used to treat, there has to be some side effects from cbd, right?

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