RatingNameBrandLocation Reviewed 3rd Party Lab TestExtraction processUS ShippingInternational shipping
9.6Green Roads
Florida, USA Yes YesSupercritical CO2Free after $100No
9.5Joy OrganicsColorado, USA Yes YesCO2FreeYes
9.4Big Sky BotanicalsMontana, USA Yes YesCO2, EthanolFreeNo
9.4Eir HealthCalifornia, USA, Poland, Europe Yes YesCO2Free after $50Yes
9Endoca CBDWashington, USA Yes YesSupercritical CO2FreeYes
9Queen Hemp CompanyNorth Carolina, USA Yes YesCO2Free after $100Yes
8.8FOCLCalifornia, USA, Yes YesCO2Free after $50No
8.84 Corners CannabisColorado, USA Yes YesEthanolFree after $100No
8.8CBDfxCalifornia, USA, Yes YesCO2FreeYes
8.5NuleafColorado, USA Yes YesCO2FreeYes
8.5CBD PureArizona, USA Yes YesCO2Flat $5.95Yes
8.5Plant PeopleNew York, USA Yes YesCO2, EthanolFreeYes
8.5Mission Farms CBD

Oregona, USA Yes YesEthanol$5No
8.4KoiCBDCalifornia, USA Yes YesCO2Free after $49No
8.3CBD EssenceFlorida, USA Yes YesCO2Free after $50No
8.3PalmorganixColorado, USA Yes YesCO2FreeNo
8.3GoGreenHempFlorida, USA Yes YesCO2FreeYes
8.0RE BotanicalsColorado, USA Yes YesEthanolFree after $50No
7.8Absolute Nature CBDOklahoma, USA Yes YesCO2Free after $100No
7.8Infinite CBDColorado, USA Yes YesEthanolFree after $100Yes
7.8PlusCBD OilCalifornia, USA Yes YesCO2Free after $75Yes
7.8CBD DripCalifornia, USA Yes YesCO2Free after $50Yes
7.5Verified CBDKentucky, USA Yes YesCO2FreeYes
7.5CBDistilleryColorado, USA Yes YesCO2, EthanolFree after $75No
7PopulumArizona, USA Yes YesEthanol + DistillationFreeNo
6.8NutraCannaFlorida, USA Yes YesCO2Free after $60No

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