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PlusCBD Oil is among the top-performing hemp providers in the industry today. The brand was founded by the biotech firm CV Sciences in 2012 and is PlusCBD oil Review Logobased in San Diego, California. Over the years, Plus CBD gained immense popularity by maintaining transparent processes and top-notch product quality. The founders truly believe in the company’s mission of “making healthy people healthier” and promoting a healthy lifestyle among all.

Additionally, PlusCBD employs cutting edge technology in their hemp extraction and processing methods, thereby ensuring that every product is top quality, safe, and contains the right potency. The brand is leading the CBD revolution with its innovation and expertise in the business. What sets Plus CBD apart from much of their competition is their policy of full transparency. Every method and manufacturing process is detailed on their website, allowing consumers to be completely confident in their purchases.

The products from Plus CBD are shipped across all 50 states as well as several countries internationally. They offer free shipping for orders over $75, and they also give numerous discounted rates based on the location and product quantity.

Product Details

All products from Plus CBD are gluten-free and non-GMO. The hemp undergoes extensive testing to ensure quality and consistency in hemp content. In addition, their CO2 extraction method is certified safe and environmentally friendly too.
Each of their products is lab tested in-house, as well as at two separate third party facilities. This goes above and beyond the requisites of product quality and safety, giving consumers the assurance that they expect.

Product range offered by PlusCBD Oil:

PlusCBD Balm

The topical creams from Plus CBD are a big hit among consumers. The balms are very effective and easy to use owing to their quick-absorbing nature. The creams are very useful to soothe skin irritations and act as natural moisturizers.

PlusCBD Spray

The spray variant from Plus CBD is the easiest way of ingesting the hemp product. Simply spray two times into the mouth, hold for about 30 seconds, and then swallow. It is made using extra virgin olive oil along with the CBD extracts, and is available in many flavors. The spray provides full-spectrum hemp nutrients along with plant sterols, fatty acids, cannabinoids, chlorophyll, and natural vitamin E.

PlusCBD Drops

There are 3 hemp tinctures offered by PlusCBD:

  • Total Plan Complex drop – this formula is unflavored, unsweetened and celebrates the authentic earthy taste of their fiber type hemp.
  • Raw Formula Drops – this type gives a wholesome experience with the full properties of the hemp plant blended in with the raw oil.
  • Gold Formula Drops – this is a high concentration dose, providing quick relief and support. It is the most popular product from the brand.
    The second two types are available only in peppermint and natural flavors. The gold formula is also available in Goji Blueberry. There are different potency levels to choose from depending on your individual need. Just pop them in your mouth or add them to your shakes to make a delicious smoothie.


Plus CBD Capsules

The soft gel capsules from Plus CBD are a quick-absorption variety, which gives you consistent dosages with each pill. Also, the capsules also contain a blend of extra virgin olive oil, aiding in overall effectiveness. They are available in full plant and raw varieties with different strength levels.

Plus CBD Gummies

The chewable variant from Plus CBD contains full-spectrum CBD extracts. They are available in fun flavors of citrus punch and cherry mango. They are a quick and tasty way of taking your daily CBD dosage. Each of the gummies contains natural phytonutrients along with the CBD, vitamin E, and terpenes.

PlusCBD Oil Product Gallery


You can purchase the entire product range from Plus CBD from their website at In short, the site is simple and easy to navigate, giving you a hassle-free shopping experience.

Pricing Information

PlusCBD Balm Oil Balm$35.95
Extra Strength Balm$51.95
PlusCBD Spray100mg$22.95
PlusCBD DropsRaw Drops$20.66
Oil Drops$37.76
PlusCBD CapsulesTotal Plant Complex$14.95
Raw Softgels$12.95
PlusCBD Gummies Oil Gummies$39.95


To sum up, PlusCBD is undoubtedly one of the most popular CBD brands out there. Consumers love their innovative production processes and affordable prices. PlusCBD focuses on the well-being of its consumers, in other words customer satisfaction is their top priority. Add to that their full transparency policy and you have a safe and trusted product. We at do recommend PlusCBD and their outstanding quality products.

  • Good Quality
  • Reasonable Prices
  • Non-chemical CO2 Extraction Process.
  • International Shipping Offered
  • Lower effectiveness
  • No Coupon Code.
  • Mixed Customer Reviews
  • Low variety of Products
Quality - 8
Effectiveness - 5
Price / Value - 9
Customer Service - 9
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Steph here, I have been using CBD products for over 5 years now. Helping with my chronic shoulder pain (thanks to Volley Ball) and my sleeping habits. After trying out (too) many brands, my wife and I decided to spend a bit of time reviewing and promoting the brands that did well for us :)

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