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NutraCanna is one of the latest additions to the CBD market. The company was founded by a group of people who are truly passionate about giving consumers the best and purest form of CBD possible. They take pride in sourcing their extracts from local farmers, as well as in their extraction methods involving organic processes.

NutraCanna trusts in the influence of natural nourishment, and the power of Mother Nature. Their only target with regard to CBD products is to go back to our origin and create products that are not only generated from entirely natural sources but are also safe and clean to consume. All products from NutraCanna are free of any artificial additives or flavors, GMOs, phthalates, parabens or any formaldehyde. The NutraCanna CBD products are created out of completely organic and legal hemp crop grown in Kentucky and are verified 99% natural.

Furthermore, the company offers total transparency to consumers by testing out each one of their products at Proverde. a third-party facility and publishing the results on their official site for you to view. At, we have researched and tested their products thoroughly, and the results are in: we’re very impressed!


Product Details

NutraCanna is a company that has gone above and beyond the standard CBD trend in the market. Apart from the regular CBD oils and tinctures, they offer varied innovative and unique products that earn them extra points with the existing CBD audience.

At the same time, NutraCanna constantly maintains and improves its focus on product quality. Being the brainchild of a group of environmentalists, the company’s products are enveloped in of sustainability and purity.

Let’s take a look at their product list.

NutraCanna CBD Oil Tincture:

The oil tinctures from NutraCanna are one among the purest and safest oils on the market today. Containing only 2 ingredients – the organic, natural hemp extracts and MCT that is sourced from coconuts. The tinctures are offered in a variety of potencies – including 250mg, 550mg, 1000mg. The 250mg dosage is recommended for those who are new to CBD usage and are just starting off with these therapeutic measures. The 550mg and 1000mg options are suggested for users who have been on CBD for a while and may want a higher dose for their conditions.

NutraCanna CBD Topical Soothing Lotion or Cream:

The range of lotions and ointments have been proven very effective in treating numerous types of aches and pains. Whether it’s muscle pains, joint aches, or any other physical discomfort – the topical creams offer instant and soothing relief. The lotions are made+ with a blend of arnica and menthol along with the CBD extracts.

CBD Dissolvable Tablets:

These are an exclusive offer from NutraCannaex. The dissolvable tablets are very easy to take. As the name suggests, you need only place the tablet under your tongue, and it dissolves directly into your bloodstream. This makes them highly effective as compared to regular oral tinctures and oils. There are a few types of the dissolvable tablets:

  • CBD and Melatonin Dissolvable Tablets: the night-time formula, these dissolving pills are a blessing for sleep-related They contain an equal combination of CBD and melatonin in quantities of 10mg each. This blend truly works wonders because they complement each other. While the CBD is a wake agent, the melatonin relaxes the mind and body into a restful sleep.
  • CBD Dissolvable Daytime formula: in contrast to the night-time pills, the daytime formula from NutraCanna gives users a quick energy boost when needed during the day. These pills consist of just the 10mg of CBD. They help you to get through the day comfortably by also alleviating any small pains and discomforts.


NutraCanna’s official website is a library of information on CBD. Prior to going forward and purchasing a product from their store, you can browse through the site and get a complete understanding of what exactly you are going to get from your purchase. The site is also easy to use and offers a range of pricing, subscriptions, and payment options for you to choose from.
NutraCanna offers Free shipping on all orders above $60, and they deliver across the U.S.

A straightforward returns policy is also avalaible, if you are not happy with their products. Additionally, NutraCanna offers a six-month subscription option, where you can subscribe to their various packages and select your CBD product to be delivered to you on a monthly basis. The subscription is flexible and easy to change or cancel.

Nutracanna is now Nutricanna, we are waiting for more information to review the new brand. We will release more information as it becomes available to us. In the mean time, we recommend reading up on other fantastic CBD brands here.


Pricing Information

CBD Oil Tincture250mg$32
CBD Topical CreamSoothing Lotion or Cream$47
CBD Dissolvable Tablets CBD and Melatonin night-time formula (300mg)$46
CBD and Melatonin night-time formula (750mg)$74
CBD daytime formula (300mg)$42
CBD Hemp Gummies Organic 150 MG$24
CBD Tablet Samples4x 10mg CBD Tablet (AM or PM)$15


In conclusion, the NutraCanna CBD Review was an easy one. NutraCanna is a company that truly takes its product quality seriously. Every product undergoes in-depth testings for cannabinoids, solvents, terpenes, microbiological screenings, metals, and pesticides. The results available on their website give you a confidence of this quality standard. NutraCanna proudly practices what they preach in their slogan– “All Health. No High.” Their products are certified as one of the finest available today.

We at agree that the NutraCanna topical creams are possibly some of the best ones available in the industry right now. Add to that their innovative, exclusive range of dissolvable pills, and we have a decent brand on our hands! You can check out any of their products without hesitation, with a money-back guarantee within 30 days if it disappoints. So, if you’re just searching for more information on CBD tinctures or want to start trying one of their products, you can do so with the assurance of certified results. NutraCanna will not disappoint! Update: 5/6/2020: Nutracanna is now Nutricanna, the old links pointing to the site are now redirecting to the new website. We are a bit disappointed with the lack of communication on their part.
  • Subscription option
  • Non-GMO industrial hemp farmed in Kentucky
  • On the Pricey Side
  • Brand was established only 2 years ago
  • Very limited Products line
  • Rebranding of products without any heads up
  • No International Shipping
  • Free Shipping only when ordering over $60
Quality - 7
Effectiveness - 7
Price / Value - 8
Customer Service - 5
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Steph here, I have been using CBD products for over 5 years now. Helping with my chronic shoulder pain (thanks to Volley Ball) and my sleeping habits. After trying out (too) many brands, my wife and I decided to spend a bit of time reviewing and promoting the brands that did well for us :)

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