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About VerifiedCBD

VerifiedCBD are experts in the field natural cannabidiol products. Started in 2014, the company was created with the goal of providing the highest quality hemp extracts by utilizing advanced and state-of-the-art methods. Based out of Florida, Verified CBD continually keeps up with the latest market trends, using the newest technology, while also making sure that they keep their product quality in check.

Aside from creating innovative CBD products, the company is also committed to meeting its environmental obligations. To counter the many existing medications that are made from artificial compounds, Verified CBD has pledged to ensure that their products are not harmful to the human body in any way. Furthermore, they maintain a policy of not harming the natural order of things, keeping the environment clean and safe for generations to come.

All products from Verified CBD are put through advanced HPLC lab tests by third-party facilities currently located in Miami, Florida. Their products have been certified nearly 80% pure, higher than many   competitors in the industry.

Verified CBD is one of the few companies that ships to over 50 countries around the globe. Their shipping services are available Monday to Friday, shipping is free in the US and Globally

Product Details


The  variety of products from Verified CBD include tinctures, gummies, capsules, pain rubs, anxiety and stress related products, pet care products, topical creams, and vapes. All the products are guaranteed effective, thanks to the numerous testimonials on their website. While a bit on the pricey side, you can save by buying items in bulk. They do allow you to mix products, making them less expensive in smaller quantities or individually.

Let’s take a look at the product offerings from Verified CBD.

VerifiedCBD Oil tinctures:

The CBD tinctures available by Verified CBD are considered quite useful in treating conditions such as back pain, stress, anxiety, joint aches, and other general pains discomforts. The tinctures are available in three different potencies – 500mg, 750mg, and 1000mg. They are shipped in bottles of 1oz capacity. The larger potency dosages are recommended for use on the more intense cases of pains, while lesser aches can be treated with the 500mg variant.

VerifiedCBD Edibles/Gummies:

The CBD edibles sold by Verified CBD are your standard soft gel capsules that are filled with CBD compounds, with each pill containing about 20mg of the hemp extract. The candy-form gummies are also enjoyable on the palate, being infused with mild flavors that are pleasant to consume. The benefit of the CBD gummies is that they are easy to take with you wherever you go. The recommended dosage for the edibles is normally one every 6 hours or can be taken as needed per the intensity of your ailment.

VerifiedCBD Pills / Capsules:

The CBD infused capsules from Verified CBD have increased in popularity for their ease of consumption. However, we did find that the effects are not sufficient enough for chronic pains, while they do work well for regular aches and numerous stress-related conditions.
Each bottle of the CBD pills contains 30 tablets, with each one consisting of 25mg of CBD. The pills are formulated with a blend of CBD isolate and cellulose from vegetables.

VerifiedCBD Topical Creams and Lotions:

There are a variety of topical creams Verified CBD offers:

  • Daily Skin Re-Energizer: this product assists in maintaining your skin with daily application. It revitalizes the skin and prevents dehydration.
  • Anti-aging Cream with Apple Stem Cells: this does exactly what its name says. It helps keep skin youthful, fresh and healthy by maintaining the stem cells in the skin.

VerifiedCBD Relief Sprays:

There are different kinds of relief sprays offered by Verified CBD – Weight Loss Spray, Pain Relief Spray, Energy, and Focus Spray, Anti-Anxiety and Stress Relief Spray and Sleep Spray. All  types are made from 100% natural compounds and are verified to be free of side-effects.



Accordingly, VerifiedCBD has an official online website, which provides not only an easy to use browsing system for their products, but also provides insightful information on CBD and its uses. We at are especially impressed by the Knowledge Center, which hosts a large collection of articles and topics that cover several subjects related to CBD. As a results, the library holds valuable information that will improve your CBD knowledge, allowing you to make the right choices regarding your CBD experience.

Most importantly, the website presents their range of products in a straightforward manner, with information on prices, product details, and stock quantities as well. The site also offers special sales pricing from time to time, so catch them when you can!

Pricing Information


Verified CBD Tinctures500mg$44
Verified CBD Edibles 200mg set of 10 gummies$23
Verified CBD Pills 10mg$48
Verified CBD Topical CreamsDaily Skin Re-Energizer$44
Anti-Ageing Cream$47.95
Verified CBD Relief SpraysWeight Loss Spray$43.95
Pain Relief Spray$43.95
Energy and Focus Spray$33.95
Sleep Spray$43.95
Anti-Anxiety and Stress Spray$43.95

Verified CBD Products Gallery



All products from Verified CBD are manufactured at facilities that follow the GMP standard. This in itself makes for a trusted product. Add to it the rigorous third-party testing that their products undergo, and you have a brand that is both reliable and effective. The results of their lab tests are directly available from CofA.
While there isn’t much insight into their hemp sources and the actual extraction techniques they follow, Verified CBD does have a lot of positive testimonials from consumers. In addition, they have been rated high on some CBD lists doing the rounds on the web. The absence of concrete information might be a drawback though. Perhaps the company will turn that around in the near future, as their products and methods are definitely one among the top in the market.

All in all, the brand is certainly becoming one to reckon with and is growing by leaps and bounds. Go ahead and try out the line of products from Verified CBD today. They will definitely not disappoint.

  • Hemp from Kentucky, USA
  • High potency products
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested (Proverde)
  • Been in the business since 2014
  • Free US and International Shipping
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Premium Pricing
  • Only One flavor
  • No coupon Code offer
  • We only tested the Tincture
Quality - 8
Effectiveness - 8
Price / Value - 7
Customer Service - 7
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My name is Mike and I am a believer in the healing powers of Cannabis. My wife and I use CBD for a variety of reasons. My wife Mary suffers from Anxiety and lower back pain...

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