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Today we are finally publishing our CBDistillery review. This  Colorado based cannabidiol company was founded by a team of Colorado locals with the vision of providing access to CBD products to as many people as possible. The team is knowledgeable in the uses and benefits of CBD, and has added the goal of promoting full understanding of CBD among their customer base. They believe that not only do people have a right to access this incredible solution to so many chronic ailments, but to also have a deep understanding of where it comes from and what it does. For this purpose, the company created a hashtag to CBD understanding and support – #CBDMOVEMENT.
All products from CBDistillery derived from non-GMO industrial hemp grown with natural farming practices and claim that their products do not create a ‘high’ for users.

The products are also tested by a third-party lab, and the results are publicly available on the following page.

CBDistillery reviewCBDistillery ships their products across all 50 U.S. States via USPS. They offer free shipping options for all purchases above $75. Returns of unopened products can be made within 7 days.

We at Bestcbdlist.com noticed that the items were shipped the same day we ordered them, and were delivered to our door 2 days later.
CBDistillery’s customer service is ranked amongst the best and has received very positive reviews. Their team is prompt in replying to queries or responding to issues, with a response time guarantee of 1-2 business days maximum.

Product Details

CBDistillery’s products are made out of locally grown non-GMO hemp plants, which are tested and free from any kind of pesticides. The CBD compound is extracted only from the mature stalks of the hemp crop, making it a full-spectrum formula.
CBDistillery offers a range of products made from CBD. Apart from the regular hemp tinctures and topical creams, the company also offers isolate powders, edibles, and a pet care line.

Let’s take a look at their product variants offerings.

CBDistillery Full Spectrum Tincture:

The full spectrum CBD tinctures are much more effective than the isolated CBD versions, thanks to the additional cannabinoid compounds present in them. The CBDistillery full spectrum oils come in a variety of potencies, including 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 2500mg, and 5000mg.
The tinctures are easy to take, by simply placing them under the tongue for about a minute, and then swallowing it. You can also combine it with a drink like water to consume

CBDistillery Isolate Powder:

This is the powder variety of the CBD hemp extract from CBDistillery. It contains 99% pure form of the hemp powder and is extracted from the stem of the plant. The efficiency and healing powers are similar to the other forms of the CBD. The Isolate Powder is available in potencies of 0.5gms, 1 gm, 3.5gms, 7gms, and 14gms.
The Isolate Powder product from CBDistillery is a preferred option to the other product types you want to use hemp as an ingredient within other recipes. This product is versatile in its usage. You can eat it directly as a powder, you can mix it with other tinctures, or you can vape it in combination with another oil.

CBDistillery Edibles / Gummies:

CBDistillery has introduced two types of edibles or gummies infused with CBD – the daytime and nighttime pills. The daytime version offers customers a boost of energy. The nighttime version aids to alleviate sleep-related issues, providing a soothing and calming effect. The gummies are available in packs of 30 pills each, which may be used as a monthly bundle.

CBDistillery Capsules:

The capsules from CBDistillery are soft gel pills filled with CBD and are available in both full-spectrum and isolate versions. Simply take a pill with a glass of water depending on which version of capsule you prefer.

CBDistillery Pet Products:

Additionally, CBDistillery also offers pet care products that help in relieving our furry friends of some common ailments. The pet tinctures are available to treat conditions like aches, soreness, inflammation, etc. They can be purchased in 150mg or 600mg potencies, based on your pet’s needs.


You can buy CBDistillery products directly from their official website at thecbdistillery.com. The site does contain information on CBD and several customer testimonials for you to view. One thing that caught/go/thecbditillery our attention is the user guide that they offer as a free download or via email. “The Ultimate CBD User Guide” as they call it, consists of everything you ever needed to know about CBD, its origins, uses, and what it means for you individually.

CBDistillery Coupon Code

Use our exclusive coupon code “BestCBD10” and get an instant 10% off your order. The CBDistillery discount is working well on the check out page, see the screenshot here. Make sure you check out the following page if you are looking for CBD brands offering discount codes.


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Pricing Information

CBDistillery Full Spectrum Tincture250mg$20$0.08/mg
CBDistillery Isolate Powder0.5gms$15
CBDistillery GummiesDaytime 30mg$60
Nighttime 30mg$60
CBDistillery Pills25mg pills$50
30mg pills (30 pill pack)$60
30mg pills (60 pill pack)$115
CBDistillery Pet Products150mg tincture$20
600mg tincture$38
CBDol Topical – CBD Salve500mg$50
CBD Lip Balm 25mg$6
CBDefine Skin Care Cream500mg$50
CBDol Relief Stick500mg$40
Daily User Starter Pack$80

In Conclusion

To Sum up, TheCBDistillery is certainly a force to be reckoned with in the CBD industry today. They are quickly growing into a reliable brand, due to their commitment to selling high-quality products, and also provide CBD editions to consumers.

Their product line is expanding at a regular rate, with each new entry quickly becoming popular among CBD users, such as the isolates, terpsolate, salves, and pet tinctures, among others.

We hope you liked our CBDistillery Review. If you tried the brand or have any questions please add your comments below, we’d love to hear from you 🙂


The company is pretty new to the industry, and there isn’t a lot of data about the product sourcing and extraction methods available. However, we at Bestcbdlist.com reviewed their site, and if we’re to go by the countless positive ratings that the company has received from consumers, it will be no surprise if CBDistillery quickly becomes a preferred provider in the hemp business. You can review these testimonials on their website, and make your own selections from their wide-ranging product line.
  • Large variety of products
  • Third-party lab testing
  • High quality CBD products
  • Coupon Code offered
  • 7 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • No International Shipping
  • No Free Shipping
Quality - 8
Effectiveness - 6
Price / Value - 9
Customer Service - 7
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Steph here, I have been using CBD products for over 5 years now. Helping with my chronic shoulder pain (thanks to Volley Ball) and my sleeping habits. After trying out (too) many brands, my wife and I decided to spend a bit of time reviewing and promoting the brands that did well for us :)

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