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FOCL is a CBD company based out of Los Angeles, California. FOCL is a unique entry into the CBD market thanks to its one-of-a-kind, full-stack, wellness products. They combine existing CBD tinctures with natural vitamins, herbs, and supplements to make a better variant of hemp products. What makes FOCL stand apart from its competitors is the focus on delivering a wholesome approach to wellness. This is apparent in their motto of ‘Perform. Rest. Live better’.

FOCL sources from local farms who use organic and sustainable practices, including their own 120 acre hemp farm in New Mexico. With a streamlined process, and constant monitoring, the company ensures only premium quality crops for their products. Combine that with their state-of-the-art techniques in farming and production, and you get the best possible product.

FOCL ships its products to 47 of the 50 U.S. states, with Nebraska, Idaho, and South Dakota being the exceptions. The company plans to ship internationally soon. Orders over $50 are shipped free.

Product Details

FOCL offers two CBD product variants – FOCL Day and FOCL Night, each designed specifically for daytime and nighttime use. All products from FOCL are 100% gluten-free, vegan, and made using natural, organic supplements. Products are thoroughly tested by third-party labs, the results of which can be viewed on the company website.

Here are the products you can purchase from FOCL.


‘Be in the zone’ is the tagline of FOCL’s Day capsules. These broad-spectrum CBD capsules infused with botanicals and adaptogens allow you to face the day head-on. The addition of natural compounds like Lion’s Mane and Rhodiola Rosea gets the blood pumping and those creative juices flowing throughout the day!

FOCL Night

‘Unwind and rest easy’ is this pill’s motto. The FOCL Night variant aimed to reduce stress and allow for deeper sleep and a relaxed night. These CBD pills are combined with Ashwagandha to calm the mind and body. Additionally, valerian root hops flower, and the purple passionflower is added to reduce anxiety and promote better sleep quality. A well-rested night is a must in order to wake up feeling refreshed, and this is exactly what the FOCL Night pills give you.

FOCL Bundle

This is essentially a combination of the day and night FOCL pills. Taking both in tandem offers the best results for a healthy and happy daily routine. Work hard during the day and unwind at night with this bundle pack.


The CBD Drops are a different variant of the CBD capsules, aiming to give a healthy boost when needed. They are available in three tasty flavors: mint, orange cream, and cherry.

Product Gallery

Product Taste & Effects

The FOCL Day and Night products are infused with natural herbs and supplements, therefore, do not contain any flavoring. The FOCL CBD Drops offer three flavors for a yummier experience.

The day capsules provide lasting effects of focus, balance, and mind clarity, as well as improved concentration levels. The night pills focus more on providing deep sleep and a relaxing state of body and mind.

Purchasing FOCL Products

The FOCL website is an easy-to-use page that provides not just product descriptions, but also in-depth information about CBD itself. With a focus on creating awareness and understanding among consumers, the site offers a comprehensive guide to CBD. It also describes the processes they follow, along with a blog for the latest updates on their products.

FOCL Promo Code and Rewards

Kristiana was kind enough and provided a nice 20% off your next purchase. The discount applies to all the products on the website and has no expiration date! COUPON CODE: BESTCBD20

We tested the coupon code and had no issue as you can see on this screenshot. Check out the following page if you are looking for more CBD brands offering a Promo Code. 

Note that FOCL contacted us to let us know that they just introduced the FOCL rewards, which allows you to collect and redeem points for a discounted purchased. What you can do to collect points:

  1. Sign up for the reward program = 200 points
  2. Follow them on FB or Instagram = 50 points each
  3. Have a birthday = 250 points
  4. Place an order = 4 points for each dollar spent

Once you get to 500 points you can redeem them for another discount.


Pricing Information

FOCL Day60 pills$55
FOCL Night60 pills$55
FOCL Bundle60 Day pills + 60 Night pills$99
FOCL CBD Drops300mg$35 $0.12/mg

In Conclusion

FOCL stands by the quality of their products with a lot of confidence. So much so that they offer a full refund if you are not satisfied with their product. Whether you’re a subscription member or made a one-time purchase, the company offers a no-questions-asked return policy.

FOCL is gaining popularity among CBD users purely based on the complete CBD package they offer. Although they do not have a large product line, the two variants on offer are superior to many on the market.

We at are impressed with FOCL’s unique product line and the company’s focus of ‘Feeling better is everything’. They have truly made an already remarkable CBD line of products into a better version of itself. Go ahead and try out their Day or Night capsules to feel the difference.
  • High quality CBD products
  • Third-party lab testing
  • Good Prices ( Starts at $0.09/mg)
  • Coupon Code "BestCBD20"
  • Fairly new company
  • Low Variety of Products
  • No International Shipping
Quality - 9
Effectiveness - 9
Price / Value - 9
Customer Service - 8

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  1. Love the FOCL review, thanks guys. Do you know if they plan on selling edibles?

  2. Love the taste of the oils. Very light. Effective and affordable, you guys are doing it right. Please don’t change anything! PS: the COUPON CODE: BESTCBD20 worked like charm, 20% off cha-ching!!!


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