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About Plant People Plant People CBD Review

Plant People is an alternative CBD company that produces top-notch hemp products as well as herbal supplements. Founded in 2018 and based in New York, Plant People supplies their products across the country. These include pharmacies, hotels, restaurants, wellness outlets and several specialty markets. The company prides itself on being a balanced blend of cutting-edge scientific techniques and ancient herbal wisdom.

The hemp crop used by Plant People is a mixture of three different, high-quality variants grown in the rich soil of Colorado. All products made by the company are certified vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free and thoroughly lab tested.

Plant People ships free via USPS across all 50 states, or paid UPS Ground, Next Day Air and 2 Day Air shipping. They do not, however, ship on weekends and holidays. The company also ships globally to several countries.

Product Details

The products from Plant People are aimed to be truly beneficial for normal, day-to-day use. The Co-Founders of the company – Gabe Kennedy and Hudson Gaines-Ross founded Plant People based on a common, personal and negative experience with traditional western medicines and a need for alternative healing solutions. After a distressing back surgery, Gabe finally found relief and recovery only through the use of CBD products. This combined with a family history of alternative healing and herbalists, prompted the creation of Plant People’s reliable and effective product line.

Let’s dig in our Plant People Review and see what kind of products they offer on their website:

Plant People Hemp Drops

The CBD drops from Plant People are a quick-action formula that provides instant relief from discomfort, inflammation and pain, as well as being a useful solution for maintaining general well-being. They are available in 3 variants – mind & body, sleep, and relief.

Plant People CBD Capsules

The capsules from Plant People are offered in two variants – Stay Sharp and Be Calm. The Stay Sharp pills assist with daily mental health, focus, clarity and optimal functioning of the brain. The Be Calm version is used to maintain balance, provide relief from stress, and an overall refreshment of the mind and body.

Plant People Topical Balm

This high potency salve is made from full-spectrum hemp along with active natural ingredients like beeswax, coconut oil, lavender buds, peppermint leaves, and arnica flower extract. The main benefits offered by the balm is relief from sore muscles, pain relief from sprains and bruises, and also helps in improving body circulation.

Plant People Body Oil

The revitalizing body oil recently introduced by Plant People is a limited-edition product. Infused with high potency CBD, it also contains enhancers such as olive oil, elderberry extracts, sunflower seed oil, green tea oil, and jojoba seed oil among others. The product helps to soothe and soften the skin and provides instant hydration to keep it supple and youthful. The product available due to Plant People’s partnership with Tata Harper.

Products Taste and Effects

Since the products from Plant People are blended with active natural herbs and oils, the products don’t taste as potent as unflavored hemp products. However, the ‘weedy’ flavor does come through lightly in the drops and oils but is comfortable to ingest.

The products from Plant People regulate the mental as well as physical systems in the body in conjunction with the active herbal ingredients. The drops and oils provide relief from daily stress, rejuvenate, and help in maintaining a balanced mood through the day


The Plant People website is an example of how a good interface can draw you in. Designed in a calm and serene style, the site is very easy to navigate and soothes you right from the moment you log on. There is a detailed section on exactly how the company came into being, along with a separate section catering to any queries or doubts you may have about CBD. Visit the site today at

Plant People’s Coupon Code


Thanks to the Plant People Crew, they provided us with a 15% coupon code. Feel free to use the code “BestCBD15” during your check for some instant savings! We tested the coupon code and had no issue as you can see on this screenshot.
Make sure you check out the following page if you are looking for CBD brands offering discount codes. 


Plant People’s Products Gallery



Pricing Information


Plant People Hemp DropsMind & Body 630mg$69
Mind & Body 1260 mg$129
Plant People Topical BalmBalm & Relief$49
Plant People CBD Capsules Stay Sharp$59
Be Calm$59
Plant People Body OilRevitalizing Body Oil$125

In Conclusion

To sum it up, Plant People is a company that truly practices what it preaches. Being an idea that blossomed from the personal experiences of its founders, every product you buy from Plant People is conceptualized with care and pride. Real people, real stories, and what you get is real medicinal solutions. Finally, the company gives back to nature by planting a tree with every product that they sell. They are ‘Plant People’ in the truest sense.

We at are excited to see this company reach greater heights with their highly effective and affordable products.

  • High quality CBD products
  • Large variety of products
  • Third-party lab testing
  • Good Prices
  • International Shipping
  • Free US Shipping
  • Coupon Code
  • Fairly new company
Quality - 8
Effectiveness - 9
Price / Value - 8
Customer Service - 9
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Steph here, I have been using CBD products for over 5 years now. Helping with my chronic shoulder pain (thanks to Volley Ball) and my sleeping habits. After trying out (too) many brands, my wife and I decided to spend a bit of time reviewing and promoting the brands that did well for us :)

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