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About Absolute Nature CBD

Absolute Nature CBD is a new entrant into the hemp industry. Founded in early 2019 and based out of Dallas, Texas, the company is built on the premise of making a clean product for all customers. Top-notch product quality and excellent service is their core competency, and so far, they have certainly excelled at it. The founders of Absolute Nature CBD are themselves users of hemp products and have utilized their experience in bringing users the products that they truly need. Having experienced the positive and negative aspects of CBD, the company’s founders have established a completely transparent and safe environment for prospective customers.

Using high-quality hemp grown locally in Colorado, The company goes guarantees a completely natural and chemical-free product and goes further in establishing their motto of transparency by making every lab test, list of ingredients, and the techniques used available for customers to validate.

Absolute Nature CBD currently ships across the U.S. via USPS mail. Products are shipped within 2 days of purchase and generally arrive in 2 to 4 business days. Shipping is free on all purchases of over $100, and nominal shipping charges are levied on lower priced orders.

Product Details

All products are guaranteed to be free from chemicals, pesticides, preservatives and any other kind of additives. Although their product line is not very extensive, the company has focused on making what products they have excel in every aspect. Let’s look at the 3 types of CBD products on offer.

Absolute Nature CBD Tinctures

The full-spectrum hemp oils are blended with only MCT oils to allow for smooth and quick absorption. The tinctures undergo the minimum amount of processing and meet all of the quality standards required. The tinctures are used mainly for relief from pain, stress, anxiety, and ailments such as sleep disorders or depression.

Absolute Nature CBD Salves

The salves are topical creams that provide instant relief from pain and stress. Made from the same full-spectrum extract as the tinctures, the salves are proven to be more effective than several others in the market today.

Absolute Nature CBD Products for Pets

The pet tinctures are made from the full spectrum hemp as well. Our furry friends deserve no less and the oils are very helpful in calming pets. They can also be used in cases of inflammation, insomnia, arthritic pain, and PTSD

Product Taste and Effects

The full-spectrum hemp doesn’t have flavor. So you will taste pure hemp when you consume the oils, which might be a bit potent for some. However, this taste simply guarantees that you are receiving the best and purest form of the hemp extracts!

The CBD tinctures provide quick relief from mild to medium pain. We also found that taking the oils brings about a fresh and uplifting feeling, which naturally reduces stress and anxiety.


You can purchase Absolute Nature CBD products directly from their website at Absolutenaturecbd.com. The site is fresh and very easy to navigate. You can access an abundance of information on CBD and its uses from the Education Center on their website. They also provide a list of FAQs that are comprehensive enough to answer the most common questions and address any concerns you may have about  purchasing and using CBD products.

Absolute Nature CBD Coupon Code

Make sure you use our exclusive Absolute Nature CBD Discount Code “BestCBD20” for a 20% discount on all products. Make sure you check out the following page if you are looking for CBD brands offering discount codes.


Pricing Information

Absolute Nature CBD Tinctures500mg tincture$59.99$0.12/mg
1000mg tincture$99.99$0.10/mg
Absolute Nature CBD Salves500mg jar$69.99
Absolute Nature CBD Products for Pets500mg bottles$59.99

Absolute Nature CBD Products Gallery


Finally, Absolute Nature CBD, though relatively new, has already established itself as a ‘green’ provider. The crop grows in a pesticide-free environment under natural sunlight. They ship products in recyclable glass bottles only, thereby being true to their mission of using the minimal amount of plastic. In fact, even their online store, an energy positive website, is aiding in their go green mission!

Another aspect that sets them apart from others in the industry is their focus on providing discounted rates of their products to those who truly need them the most. First responders, differently-abled persons, low-income groups, and veterans are among those who enjoy the benefits of this offer.

  • Third-party lab tested
  • Generous Assistance Programs
  • Phasing out Plastic use
  • Offers an education portal on their website
  • Free Shipping after $100 only
  • Small Variety of Products
  • No International Shipping
  • Fairly New Company
Quality - 9
Effectiveness - 8
Price / Value - 7
Customer Service - 7

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