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CBD Essence utilizes a full-spectrum CO2 extraction process, which means only the most advanced and state-of-the-art techniques are used

About CBD Essence

CBD Essence, which you’ll find mentioned a few times on BestCBDlist.com is a Colorado-based company, a power house in the CBD oil industry. It started as a boutique in 2012 and is managed by Don and Melissa, a passionate and experienced duo who developed CBD Essence into the brand it is today. With extensive industry knowledge of the cannabis and hemp plants, as well as their understanding with top-notch extraction techniques they have shaped the company into one among the best and most trusted brands in the market today.

What set CBD Essence apart from its competitors is their focus on delivering products of the highest quality. Almost their entire product lineup is produced from the finest Hemp crop grown locally in Colorado, thereby automatically ensuring that products are of the highest quality. Their extraction process is unmatched among others in the CBD market, making their extracts a wholesome blend of Terpenoids, Cannabinoids, and essential oils that are the finest parts of the original plant.

Along with their flagship CBD oils, CBD Essence has successfully formulated a line high-quality hemp extracts to include products such as CBD capsules, CBD gummies, as well as concentrated CBD paste. Visit their online store CBDessence.net to see their entire range of products.

CBD Essence currently delivers products across the U.S., with shipping options available in all 50 states. They offer affordable shipping rates too, with orders above $99 shipping free of charge and a marginal flat-rate fee of $5 for orders below $99.

Product Details

CBD Essence offers a variety of products that consist of oils, capsules, edibles, topical creams, and pet care products. Read on to learn more about each of them and find the right product for your needs.

CBD Essence Hemp CBD Oil or Oral Tincture:

The hemp extract tinctures by CBD Essence are medical grade products, offering remedies| for a variety of illnesses. The tinctures are available in two options:

  • The 300mg option containing 0.5mg CBD in each drop
  • The 600mg option containing 1mg per drop

Both options are offered in different flavors including cinnamon, grape, vanilla, mango, natural hemp, spearmint and unsweetened. The tincture can be ingested via a dropper bottle. Just place 10-20 drops under the tongue and swallow after 1 minute. Although it has been noted that the longer you keep the drops in the mouth, the quicker it takes effect.

CBD Essence Hemp Capsules or Pills:

CBD capsules are a good substitute for those who have issues measuring the right dosage of the oil. The soft gel capsules offer a right dosage every time, making the intake hassle-free. The quality of the pills, made via liposome technology, is on par with the tinctures.
The hemp capsules are available in bottles of 10, 30, 60, 90 or 120 pills, with each capsule containing 35mg of CBD.

CBD Essence Edibles or Gummies:

The edibles from CBD Essence are produced by its sister concern – the well-known Hemp Taffy. As such, the edibles available are of the highest quality and are infused with the CBD Essence hemp oil formula . The gummies available include:

  • The Hemp Taffy Edible Chewy CBD Candles
  • Chocolate Hemp Taffy Chewy
  • Chewy White Taffy

CBD Essence Topical CBD Lotion:

CBD Essence offers ointments of CBD in two variants:

  • An Active Lifestyle ‘All-Purpose’ daily use ointment
  • An Active Sport hemp-infused muscle rub ointment

Both variants are infused with the well-known hemp extract formula created by CBD Essence. The lotions are easy to use by simply applying onto the affected area. The active CBD circulates through the skin to alleviate joint pain, muscle pain or tenderness, arthritis, and other generic pains.

CBD Essence Pet Care CBD Products:

CBD Essence offers oils and treats that are designed especially for pets, and are among the few leading companies to do so.
There are two types of pet care CBD products on offer:

  • CBD Dog Lick – a smokey-flavored bottle of 1oz. or 2 oz.
  • CBD Edible Hemp Dog Biscuits – biscuits with a special formula with 10mg of CBD per biscuit

You can find the entire line of CBD Essence products on their website www.cbdessence.net.
The  buying process is  similar to any online  shop, and they have a  variety of payment options that you can choose  from.

CBD Essence Coupon Code

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Pricing Information

Hemp Oil or Oral Tincture300mg of CBD Oil - 1 oz.$44
600mg of CBD Oil - 2 oz.$79
4-pack CBD Oil – with 4 1 oz. bottles of 300mg each$154
Hemp Capsules or PillsBottle of 10 pills (350mg of CBD)$29
Bottle of 30 pills (1,050mg of CBD)$71
Bottle of 60 pills (2,100mg of CBD)$128
Bottle of 90 pills (3,150mg of CBD)$176
Bottle of 120 pills (4,200mg of CBD)$226
Edibles or GummiesHemp Taffy - Edible CBD Candies (10mg per candy, each bag has 32 candies)$36
Chocolate Hemp Chewy Taffy (bags of 1/2 lb., 1 lb., 2 lb.)$54 - $138
Chewy White Taffy (bags of 1/2 lb., 1 lb., 2 lb.)$58 - $144
Topical CBD LotionActive “All-Purpose” CBD Lotion (600mg CBD)$41
Active Sport CBD Muscle Rub of 2 oz. (600mg of CBD)$41
Pet Care Products

Hemp Oil Dog Lick (1 oz bottle)$44
Hemp Oil Dog Lick (2 oz bottle)$79
CBD Edible Hemp Dog Biscuits (bags of 10, 25, or 50)$7.99 - $59.99

CBD Essence Products Gallery


The CBD Essence brand is one of the best in the CBD oil market today and for  great reason. CBD Essence has a range of therapeutic hemp extraction products that have been proven to work. Their products are  clean and do not contain add-ons or chemicals that can have harmful side-effects.CBD Essence conducts its product tests via a third-party lab, ensuring that the quality of their extracts is held to the highest standards. Furthermore, CBD Essence has become an expert in the CO2 extraction process over the years and are able to utilize the amount of CBD they extract to the full extent possible So, rest assured when you purchase from CBD Essence, you’re sure to get the finest product of the highest quality.
  • Fully-sustainable hemp source
  • Reputable third-party lab testing
  • 100% non-GMO hemp
  • Large variety of Products
  • Full-spectrum cannabis
  • 14 days money back guarantee
  • No International Shipping
Quality - 8
Effectiveness - 9
Price / Value - 9
Customer Service - 7
Written by
Steph here, I have been using CBD for almost year now, helping my chronic shoulder pain and my wife's sleeping habits. After trying out (too) many brands, my wife and I decided to spend a bit of time reviewing the brands that did well for us :)

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