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Founded in 2013, Endoca is a family-run pharmaceutical company that aims to provide high quality, organic CBD products to people across the globe. Henry Vincenty, the founder of Endoca, has made the remarkable journey of searching for organic compounds that heal ailments to building a company that produces pure hemp products with great finesse.

Endoca bases its entire operation on the premise of sustainability. The company truly believes in the value of sustainable living and ensures the entire process of planting the hemp crop till the final delivery of the end product to customers is completely sustainable and organic. The company is also focused on keeping the environment safe and clean, by helping reduce waste. They are in the process of making packing material out of hemp fibers, which will go a long way in sustainability.

Endoca ships their products across the U.S. from their California warehouse and shipping facility via regular post or UPS. They also ship worldwide from their German warehouse with standard delivery times and charges based on the destination country. US shipping was fast and the content was very secured:

Product Details – Endoca review

Endoca believes that the right use of cannabinoids can benefit the human body immensely and help maintain a balanced internal system. They only use 100% pure and certified hemp produce and all products undergo rigorous third-party testing to ensure quality and purity. Endoca uses their own personal equipment and processes to ensure the quality of their products, with their own seed bank, customized breeding program, and in-built harvesting processes.

Let’s look at their product line.

Endoca CBD Oil

The CBD tinctures on offer from Endoca are available in both CBD Hemp drop and RAW hemp drop variants. The oils provide a balance of cannabinoids, vitamins, minerals, and omegas, which are often not included in our daily diet.

Endoca CBD Capsules/Pills

CBD Pills are an easy form of taking hemp without experiencing the taste of hemp as with oils and other variants. Endoca offers both raw hemp capsules and decarb CBD pills, allowing you the choice of taking the variant that works out better for you.

Endoca CBD Edibles

The CBD gummies (now discontinued) from Endoca are made using organic chicle gum that is obtained from the rainforests and is infused with CBD. The edibles are an easy way for hemp intake with each chewing gum containing 15mg of CBD extract.

Endoca CBD Skin Care

The skin care range from Endoca is a popular product variant. The skin creams and lotions are made using organic and natural compounds like shea butter, coconut oil, vanilla essence along with pure CBD extracts. They are available in three types – a hemp salve, a whipped body butter, and a lip balm. These topical creams help regulate skin cells, maintain healthy hair follicles, and boost the endocannabinoid system for natural and glowing skin.

Endoca Cannabis Crystals

These are 99% pure hemp crystals that do not contain any trace of THC. They can be taken via dabbing or vaping, and can also be taken along with edibles.


You can purchase Endoca’s products from their online store at Endoca.com. The website is fresh and easy to navigate with plenty of options to choose from. Endoca believes in the importance of information, and as such, their site is a library of resources that provides valuable information on CBD. We can even go so far as to say that Endoca has one of the best websites  for customers interested in CBD. Make sure you use our Exclusive Encoca Coupon Code: BESTCBD10 for an instant 10% off your shopping cart!

Pricing Information

Endoca CBD OilHemp Oil Drops – 300mg$33.80
Hemp Oil Drops – 1500mg$167.67
RAW Hemp Oil Drops – 300mg$33.80
RAW Hemp Oil Drops – 1500mg$167.67
Endoca CBD Capsules/PillsRaw Hemp / Hemp Oil – 300mg$33.80
Raw Hemp / Hemp Oil – 1500mg$167.67
Endoca CBD EdiblesChewing Gum – 150mg$15.60
Endoca CBD Skin CareHemp Salve$83.20
Hemp Whipped Body Butter$106.60
Hemp Lip care$10.40
Endoca Cannabis Crystals500mg$62.40


To finalize this Endoca review, we can freely say that all their products are very powerful and are proven effective. Although a bit on the expensive side, the quality and results seen by using these products are certainly worth the extra price you pay.

Especially in cases of chronic ailments, Endoca’s hemp remedies are definitely the perfect solution.
One thing that we at bestcbdlist.com are particularly impressed with is the company’s dedication to customer service. They believe in educating users as much as they do in providing the best care. Also, since the company itself is relatively small with no dependence on big investors or shareholders, they are able to redirect profits into the betterment of products and improved customer experience.

All in all, Endoca is certainly a top player in the CBD industry and we highly recommend their products.
  • Free US Shipping
  • Can ship from EU as well
  • In house testing AND random 3rd party testing
  • Large variety of products
  • One of the best website I have seen
  • Reward Program offered
  • A little Expensive
  • No Coupon Code
Quality - 9
Effectiveness - 9
Price / Value - 9
Customer Service - 9

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