CBD Oil brands comparison

We put together this useful Brand comparison table.
If you are wondering which brand to buy from, you can trust the reviewed brands below.

RatingNameBrandLocation Reviewed 3rd Party Lab TestExtraction processUS ShippingInternational shipping
9.6Green Roads
Florida, USA Yes YesSupercritical CO2Free after $100No
9.5Joy OrganicsColorado, USA Yes YesCO2FreeYes
9.4Big Sky BotanicalsMontana, USA Yes YesCO2, EthanolFreeNo
9.4Eir HealthCalifornia, USA, Poland, Europe Yes YesCO2Free after $50Yes
9Endoca CBDWashington, USA Yes YesSupercritical CO2FreeYes
9Queen Hemp CompanyNorth Carolina, USA Yes YesCO2Free after $100Yes
8.8FOCLCalifornia, USA, Yes YesCO2Free after $50No
8.84 Corners CannabisColorado, USA Yes YesEthanolFree after $100No
8.8CBDfxCalifornia, USA, Yes YesCO2Free Yes
8.5NuleafColorado, USA Yes YesCO2FreeYes
8.5CBD PureArizona, USA Yes YesCO2Flat $5.95Yes
8.5Plant PeopleNew York, USA Yes YesCO2, EthanolFreeYes
8.5Mission Farms CBD

Oregona, USA Yes YesEthanol$5No
8.4KoiCBDCalifornia, USA Yes YesCO2Free after $49No
8.3CBD EssenceFlorida, USA Yes YesCO2Free after $50No
8.3PalmorganixColorado, USA Yes YesCO2FreeNo
8.3GoGreenHempFlorida, USA Yes YesCO2FreeYes
8.0RE BotanicalsColorado, USA Yes YesEthanolFree after $50No
7.8Absolute Nature CBDOklahoma, USA Yes YesCO2Free after $100No
7.8Infinite CBDColorado, USA Yes YesEthanolFree after $100Yes
7.8PlusCBD OilCalifornia, USA Yes YesCO2Free after $75Yes
7.8CBD DripCalifornia, USA Yes YesCO2Free after $50Yes
7.5Verified CBDKentucky, USA Yes YesCO2FreeYes
7.5CBDistilleryColorado, USA Yes YesCO2, EthanolFree after $75No
7PopulumArizona, USA Yes YesEthanol + DistillationFreeNo
6.8NutraCannaFlorida, USA Yes YesCO2Free after $60No

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